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Sanctioning Information

HHSAA Application for Sanction


Use the HHSAA form when:

  • …an event involving a non league HHSAA member school at a non-campus site                       
  • …an event involving non-bordering states if less than 5 states are involved OR 8 or less schools are involved


  1. The host school athletic director or event coordinator must complete section 1 of the HHSAA application form along with the signature of approval from the host school's principal.
  2. Email or Fax the completed sanction application to the HHSAA office for further processing.
    FAX: (808) 800-4095
  3. Once the event has been sanctioned by participating leagues and/or associations (state/NFHS), the HHSAA will email a sanction confirmation memo to the host school and its league executive director.
  4. It is the responsibility of the host school to notify the participating teams that the event is sanctioned.

NFHS Application for Sanction for Interstate and International Athletic Events


Use the NFHS online application form when:

  • interstate or international event involving two or more schools which is co-sponsored by or titled in the name of an organization outside the school community.
  • event involving non-bordering states if five or more states are involved.
  • event involving non-bordering states if more than eight schools are involved.
  • event involving two or more schools that involves a team from a foreign country.

For more information on NFHS online sanctioning, please download the power point presentation.

Important Information:
  • It is the host schools responsibility to make sure schools from bordering states/countries are member schools / and are in good standing of their respective state associations.
  • Bordering states/countries to Hawaii are defined by the NFHS as California, Mexico (whole country) and Canada (whole country).